Monday, February 13, 2012

Experimental animation pt 3

Found some really interesting experimental animations on youtubes today...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Experimental Animation pt.2

This little animation was done by paint on glass. There were so many problems with setting this up, the glass would reflect the ceiling and the camera, the black card underneath the glass looked white :S and good ol' Monkey Jam wasn't saving anything. I mannaged to get a little 5 second animtion done, even though the images are extremely grainy but lets jsut say that's all part of my experimental animation, peri dish under a microscope perhaps ;P. The song is 'Sprout and Bean'  by Joanna Newsom.

Monday, January 30, 2012


2nd day back at College and we're already animating XD YAY! Here is my video of a not so experimental animation : / Since we'll be working with Ping Pong I thought I'd dedicate my first animation to that :P Hopefully I can break free from digital and experiment more next time :D


Monday, October 31, 2011

3 of my best animations I've created as a first far

Uncontrollable from Aymeh on Vimeo.

My first year 3D project 'Uncontrollable' is a about a bean whose body gets taken over by the music and starts dancing. We are collaborating to make a music clip using all our dancing beans, each with their own story and style for our end of the year screening night.

I like Animation because....

'I like animation because...' assignment. This was one of my favorite assignments because we were essentially given us freedom to illustrate in our own style what it is we like about animation. There's a combination of my drawing style mixed with random erratic animations . You get to peer into a window from my mind's eye.

Starlight by Amy Wheelhouse from Aymeh on Vimeo.

Finally, this is my recently finished origami stop motion 'Starlight'. The assignment was expected to be very short and I just had to overdo it. I did finish the assignment a week early which is an amazing feat might I say.
The story seemed simple while I was planning it but the end product was not how I imagined it to be. I ended up convincing myself that the story need all these different scene that were NOT necessary. For my first stop motion though I'm quite proud and I've learned more through experience than expected.

Special Thanks goes out to Toni Tran who helped me set up the camera and show me how to use it. And Samantha Wheelhouse who helped hold some of my models still. Thanks you guys!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Starlight sneak peek

This is my origami stop mo that i've been working on for 3 weeks now. I finished my final taking all the photos and I'm now moving onto editing them together.

Here's a short scene from my Stop-mo 'Starlight'

Sunday, September 25, 2011


First day back at College and we're starting our new project; stop motion YAY! So upon research I found a few different stop motion ideas n_n


Another creative use of Stop motion. Animated by Saiman
Check out more at saiman

A Posty note animation

Rubik cubes!!! by Mystery Guitar Man